Our Mission


Welcome to the Long Beach Guitar School Website!  Our mission is to enrich your life and the community with outstanding music instruction!  We encourage you to join us as we plant deep roots into the community and into the hearts and minds of all the people whom we serve!  By teaching you the guitar, whether it's in a group class, or in private lessons, we want you to become hooked on music!  From your first touch, to you rocking out on stage, we’d like to be there, supporting you and guiding you through the process!  Please join us, onward to musical greatness!

Our Teachers & Team


Our teachers go through traditional musical training and obtain music degrees in guitar performances, song writing. 

Our Programs


We offer both group courses and private lessons. The programs are tailored to your specific musical needs and taught by experienced teachers. We also hold concerts for our students. You can learn more by clicking 

Tel: 347-327-3356
Email: LBGuitarSchool@gmail.com

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