Meet the Teachers!


Alex Rubin: Teacher/Founder


Alex Rubin, born in Queens in 1983, grew up in Long Beach, NY.  At the age of 7, he was given a nylon string guitar, and a method book by his guitarist father.   He took to practicing often, and when he entered middle school, he joined the school’s stage band, where he doubled on guitar and trombone.  Throughout middle school and high school, Alex took every musical opportunity that both of the schools could offer.  He played in the band, orchestra, stage band, pit band, dixieland band, chorus, and participated in every high school musical that was offered.

Upon graduating high school, Alex was accepted to The Crane School of Music, In SUNY Potsdam, where he eventually received a bachelors of music in classical guitar performance.  During college, Alex performed as a soloist, in numerous duo ensembles, as well as in The Crane Guitar Quartet, where he and his group won first place in the Crane Chamber music competition.

As a constant companion to musical studies in academia, Alex always enjoyed playing in bands, and writing songs.  He has written music for various web series and musical productions, and continues to collaborate in multi media productions with film makers.

Alex started teaching while still in high school, and continued teaching private lessons while in college.  Once he graduated from Crane in 2006, he became a full time guitar teacher during the day, and professional musician at night.  From 2008 to 2017, Alex was employed by NYC Guitar School, where he taught private lessons and group classes, with a specialization in classical guitar, and rock band coaching.


Patrick Brennan: Teacher


Patrick Brennan’s love affair with music began at the age of 9 when he picked up his very first guitar. From then on, he fed himself a steady diet of music from the world’s greatest guitarists, and cut his teeth playing in various bands in the Long Island area. In 2005, Patrick began studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. There, he not only honed his craft and became one of Berklee's preeminent rock guitarists, but began studying composition and production in all styles of music. Patrick graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2009 with a dual major in Guitar Performance and Contemporary Writing Production. Patrick has since been making a name for himself in the New York City music scene, playing with such varied artists as indie rock bands Hunt For Hunter and Pavelle, and singer/songwriter duo Francesca And Her Lover. In his spare time, Patrick works as a freelance composer on major advertising campaigns for several notable companies, including Subway, Merck, and Weis Supermarkets.


Joe Nagel: Teacher


Joe Nagel was raised by a music-loving family right here in Long Beach. His musical education began on the saxophone and he developed a keen interest in many styles of music including jazz, classical, blues, hip hop, rock n’ roll, bluegrass, and world music. The guitar became his preferred instrument in high school when he played in local bands and began writing his own music. In college, he studied composition and music theory which helped elucidate the aspects that make all of these genres uniquely wonderful. He was particularly lucky to study West African music under the tutelage of Ghanaian drum master, Sowah Mensah. Joe loves sharing all of the knowledge he has gleaned over the years and encourages all of his students to discover what they are especially passionate about. 


David Nagel: Teacher


David has been eating, sleeping, and breathing (not to mention playing) music since a Beatles compilation CD blew his mind at the tender age of nine.  Demanding a guitar for his next birthday, he spent the next ten years devouring the canon of classic rock and pop music and writing songs every day after school.  At the University of Chicago, classes in music theory, history, composition and improvisation helped expand his musical obsession to everything from Classical to Delta blues.  Yearning to dive deeper into all the intricacies of harmony and melody, David spent many a night bent over the mini-Steinway grand in his dorm’s recreation room, communing with the spirit of Beethoven and embarking on a new quest: to master the piano.  Now, with 15 years experience under his belt, he is excited to help students explore their musical passions through a holistic approach to the instrument; harnessing both technique and theory as well as exploring key concepts in sight-reading, ear-training, improvisation, composition and playing with confidence and expressivity.


Julian Eichholz: Teacher


 Julian Eichholz developed a passion for music during his first guitar lesson at the age of ten. After a few years of learning all his favorite classic rock songs, he grew an interest in learning about other styles of music. During his teenage years, Julian started lessons in solo classical guitar and became involved in jazz bands, orchestras, choirs, wind ensembles, and indie rock groups. As an upright bassist, he has performed twice at Carnegie Hall with symphony orchestras and has played in Cienfuegos, Cuba and New York City with the Crane Latin Ensemble. Julian graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Crane School of Music in 2019 at SUNY Potsdam with a BM in Guitar Performance and Music Business. After graduation, Julian moved to Sydney, Australia where he taught private lessons in guitar and ukulele. Working abroad with students of different ages and backgrounds has driven him to dedicate his life toward creating passionate musicians and guiding them toward their fullest potential. Now he is studying Music Education at the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College to become a full-time music teacher. Julian has taken guitar lessons with Eric Slone, Daniel Keene, Rene Izquierdo, William Zito, Kageki Nagao, Stephen Mattingly, James Day, Kenneth Meyer, Jason Vieaux, and Douglas Rubio.


Keith Wildstein: Teacher


Keith Wildstein began taking guitar lessons at the age of 11. He was inspired by the electric guitar, and began to develop a passion for Rock and Blues. As he got older he took music theory classes in high school and began writing songs on guitar. In College he formed a band and started playing shows around the city of Charleston, South Carolina. After releasing two albums and playing gigs in the surrounding cities, Keith returned home to Long Island and is currently working toward a Masters degree in Music Education at Queens College.